Our Advantage

Why Green Matters

Silver State Trading is one of the first and only cannabis facilities in Nevada to become Clean Green CertifiedTM. What does it mean exactly? The certification, given by an independent third party, applauds our clean and sustainable business environment. Since the term ‘organic’ cannot exist in the cannabis industry due to federal regulations, being Clean Green Certified is the only way for you to be sure our cannabis is grown using safe, organic methods.

Our high standards have earned us this designation, which verifies our consumer safety, quality, environmental stewardship and legal compliance.

  • Use of organic cultivation methods
  • Water conservation methods
  • Energy conservation technology
  • Prevention of soil erosion and nutrient runoff
  • Fair trade/fair working conditions
  • Legal compliance (and then some)

Just part of what makes Silver State Trading awesome

Top Security

Delivering upon Top Security requires several components working together seamlessly. We operate inside a 40,000 sq. ft facility that previously functioned as a Bank of America Cash Transfer facility. In effect, our operations occur within a very large vault constructed of cement, steel, and bullet proof glass. Extending direct observation, HD cameras with motion detection abound inside / outside the facility and at each access point. FOB-enabled access points limit access to certain areas of the building based upon specific job function requirements. Our Inventory Tracking Software monitors all plant movement from seed to packaging to delivery. Even our delivery vehicles themselves are tracked with GPS devices and can be shut-off remotely if a delivery strays from a pre-defined path. Safety of people and product is our number one concern.

Lab Tested

In accordance with Nevada Revised Statutes 453A, marijuana flower, marijuana edibles and infused products are required to submit to exhaustive lab-tested determining the concentration of THC and CBD, whether the tested material was grown organic or non-organic, the presence and identification of molds and fungus, and the presence and concentration of fertilizers and other nutrients. The purpose is to assure a higher-quality and safer medicine is provided to legal patients inside Nevada. Silver State Trading will take lab testing to greater extreme in order to assure that Nevada Dispensary Partners and their patients are confident that they know exactly what they distribute and patients ultimately consume.

Redundant Backup System

Enabled by an organizational imperative to avoid supply chain disruption and minimize any instance of crop failure, our team of engineers, architects, technologists and cultivation experts implemented several redundant systems ranging from an externally located 1000 gallon diesel generator to bifurcated Train HVAC systems. Dispensaries can count on us to deliver high-quality products on time.

Automated Environmental Control

As the best cannabis growers know well, nothing replaces the continual and careful observation of plants by a seasoned grower. However, innovative agricultural technologies, which become more sophisticated every year, can help our growers optimize environmental factors like humidity, temperature, lighting and CO2 levels. Our real time smart device interface allows us to protect and perfect all Silver State Trading products.