At Trokie we have a mission of being the catalyst for the transformation of the medicinal cannabis industry. Trokie is bridging the gap between traditional medicine and medicinal cannabis by pharmaceutical dosing combined with a unique delivery system. The Trokie is a pharmaceutical lozenge that allows for extremely rapid delivery of Medicinal Cannabis that is Consistent, Controllable and Repeatable. The Trokie is designed to slowly dissolve between the cheek and gum, utilizing the Buccal Absorption delivery method. Buccal absorption is similar to sublingual in that the goal is to maximize oral absorption, bypassing the First Pass Effect of metabolism (metabolized by the liver) that occurs during digestion. By Avoiding the GI Tract and the liver, the Trokie delivers a Quick onset of medicinal effects.



Strainz is a leading national cannabis brand management company delivering a portfolio of premium grade cannabis products in multiple legal states. Based in Las Vegas, Strainz and its licensed partners are transforming cannabis and creating innovative products including concentrates, edibles, flower, topicals, and vape products. For more information, visit Email

Bullet Concentrates


Bullet Concentrates is setting the scientific standards behind precise extracted concentrates that contain premium quality cannabinoids. Using a variety of proprietary and cutting edge extraction processes to create highly targeted cannabis concentrates, Bullet Concentrates are designed for the highly experienced cannabis connoisseur. All of Bullet Concentrates products retain the natural balance of cannabinoids and terpenes for maximum effect and flavor. For more information, visit Email


House of Jane

Jane’s Brew officially launched in January at the 2015 HEMPCON Cup and was awarded two first place awards for Best Edible and Connoisseur’s Choice. Jane’s Brew offers infused-gourmet beverages and condiments like coffee, tea, hot chocolate and creamer that patients love and are delicious, medicinal and therapeutic. Rivaling established high-end brands such as Starbucks, Jane’s Brew™ is designed for patients who appreciate exceptional, palate-pleasing taste and value a healthier alternative to smoking, prescription painkillers, alcohol or high-calorie edibles. House of Jane’s cannabis-infused products are offered in a variety of scientifically-controlled dosages and developed using best practices and integrity in all aspects of its product development, manufacturing, and patient marketing. Patients recognize Jane’s Brew for its social, relaxation and medicinal therapy.

Jimi’s Cannabis Collection

Purple Haze Properties is celebrating music icon Jimi Hendrix, one of the greatest – and most recognizable – guitarists in rock and roll history, with the launch of Jimi’s Cannabis Collection. Jimi’s Genetix (medical-grade strains & concentrates) will be cultivated, manufactured and marketed by Silver State Trading inside Nevada. We will also offer certain Jimi branded apparel, accessories & collectables. Our goal is to provide Nevada dispensary operators with the highest quality cannabis products across a range of categories. Jimi’s Cannabis Collection strains, concentrates & accessories offer legal cannabis businesses a well-known music icon, his loyal and growing fan base, and eye-catching graphics.

California Finest

California Finest was founded in 2012 and is one of the most broadly distributed marijuana cigarette brands in California. The company’s focus on custom hand-rolling processes and premium quality strains have created a loyal following across California’s dispensaries. California Finest is committed to providing only the highest quality strains and smoking experience to legal patients in need. It is that dedication to quality and integrity that drives us to reach for the highest standards in our products and partners.