All of Silver State Trading’s Cannabis and Extracts are Clean Green Certified:

Purple Haze

Little Wing

Purple Haze

Blueberry Cheescake

Indica Silver Stick

Sativa Silver Stick

Indica + CBD Silver Stick

Dabbing Oils

Cannabis Oil Syringes

Crisp Mint 60mg THC & >4mg CBD

Refreshing Citrus 60mg THC & >4mg CBD

Crisp Mint 120mg THC & >8mg CBD

Refreshing Citrus 120mg THC & >8mg CBD

40mg (CBD 20mg : THC 20mg)

160mg (CBD 80mg : THC 80mg)

Pure CBD 50mg

12 Inch Straight Pipe
Compact Bubbler

Compact Wizard Bubbler


Handheld Pipe

Jack the Ripper

Little Eddie


Wizard Bubbler

On Center Dab Rig

Off Center Dab Rig