Enjoy the fruits of our labor.

(Well, technically, the flowers.)

We make many different cannabis products, but we have just one level of quality: the absolute best. And while we don’t make exceptional cannabis products for the purpose of winning awards, it certainly is a welcome side effect.

Our real motivation is to create consistently positive experiences, thanks to our high-end, meticulously grown, consumer-focused cannabis. We invite you to explore our vast array of products.


Our Products

ENVY Confections

Pure. Bliss. That’s the Soul of ENVY Confections. 

Life is meant to be well lived. Make the most of it with ENVY Confections. Crafted by our award-winning chef, our cannabis-infused creations make the world an even sweeter place.


Hit That High Note.

Jazz Cabbage is a premium line of flower, pre-rolls, cannabis oils, concentrates and hardware—and so much more. With a pioneering spirit and an expectation of seriously awesome quality, Jazz Cabbage is powered by researchers, scientists and growers who’ve developed the perfect balance of THC, cannabinoids and terpenes for a powerful yet smooth effect.


Special Delivery: Medical Cannabis

Patients who choose medical cannabis to help alleviate symptoms and side effects can medicate with confidence, thanks to the effective and efficient cannabinoid delivery of Trokie. Our patented buccal delivery system delivers relief quickly without degrading the potency of the cannabis in the gastrointestinal
tract. Contains no gluten, nuts, artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors. Meets vegan standards.

Our Partners

BULLET Concentrates

Classic. Robust. Loaded.

Small batch, highly refined Bullet Concentrates, developed from cutting edge extraction processes, contain exceptional quality cannabis concentrations. Connoisseurs will appreciate strain-specific distillate vape cartridges and disposable vape pens that ensure an ultra pure and clean vaping experience.


We’ve Got Your Number.

Personalize your cannabis experience with Strainz Ratio Vape Cartridges and Ratio Tinctures. Strainz cannabis products are rigorously tested and certified to guarantee consistency and purity, and come in three ratio formulas. Get the high quality you want and ratio that suits you best. Products include vape
pens, cartridges and tinctures.