De-Stress Your Holidays with Jane’s Brew CBD Relief Cinnamon Milk

December 21, 2016

By Tamara Meringolo, Master Herbalist & Holistic Health Practitioner

Welcome winter, the cold season and the holiday hustle and bustle!

Cannabidiol (aka CBD) found in Cannabis is anxiolytic by nature (which means anti-panic and anxiety relieving).  CBD’s are calming and relaxing, making it a great home remedy to help de-stress yourself during the hectic holiday season.  Jane’s Brew CBD Relief combined in a non-caffeinated hot drink such as spiced cider, herbal tea, cocoa or delicious cinnamon milk (see below), is a great way to inhibit anxiety and sooth the spirit.

Cinnamon milk as a warming digestive tonic offering health benefits:

  • Cinnamon is a warming herb – warming you up on the inside, increasing circulation, and promoting blood flow to cold hands and feet.
  • Cinnamon is a digestive tonic herb, helping to relieve indigestion and cramping.
  • Cinnamon is anti-microbial to help prevent colds and flus.
  • The tryptophan in warm milk is a long-time traditional remedy to promote rest and prevent insomnia.

All together you will find these ingredients combine to make a favorite cold weather, tasty treat. Cinnamon milk takes only a few minutes to prepare and it’s easy to make.



Cinnamon Milk Recipe:


  • Cinnamon Sticks, use one stick per cup of milk
  • Milk (coconut milk, cashew or almond milk can be used as an alternative)
  • Honey to taste (always optional, but super yummy)
  • One Jane’s Brew CBD Relief  2:1 CBD to THC packet per cup of prepared cinnamon milk


Step 1:


Gently warm milk on stove top until almost boiling. 

Step 2:
Remove from heat and add one cinnamon stick per cup of warmed milk.
Step 3:
Cover and let steep for ten minutes.

Step 4:


Pour cinnamon milk into cup(s) and add honey to taste (suggest 1 teaspoon per serving).

Step 5:
Add one packet of Jane’s Brew CBD Relief per cup.
Step 6:
Stir in CBD Relief and mix.
Enjoy this warming and relaxing, stress relieving, health giving, tasty tonic!
Jane’s Brew CBD Relief Cinnamon Milk will help you rest so you can replenish, restore and rejuvenate yourself during the long winter months.