About Us

Silver State Trading is Nevada’s premier cultivator, manufacturer, and distributor of clean medical-grade cannabis and associated products.

Based in Sparks, Nevada, we legally operate out of a state-of-the-art 40,000 SQ. ft. facility offering cultivation and infused-product manufacturing.

Silver State Trading was founded by a dedicated team of medical professionals, entrepreneurs, law enforcement and experienced cannabis growers, all aligned around establishing a best-of-breed organization operating inside the Nevada regulatory framework, and providing medical-grade cannabis products to patients in need. Silver State Trading, with our in-house breeding program and organic growing techniques, will develop and market medical grade strains and manufacture premium concentrates for registered patients across the State of Nevada.

About Our Services

Automated Environmental Control

Beyond doubt, agricultural technologies become more sophisticated every year, sometimes at an alarming pace. As the best medicinal cannabis growers know well, nothing replaces the continual and careful direct observation of cannabis plants by a seasoned grower. Despite this, we invested in several innovative technologies in order to maximize control over every environmental factor ranging from humidity to temperature to lighting to CO2 levels. Smart device interface allows for remote access 24 / 7 / 365. This real-time facility insight allows us to protect and perfect products destined for dispensary shelves.

Redundant Backup System

Enabled by an organizational imperative to avoid supply chain disruption and minimize any instance of crop failure, our team of engineers, architects, technologists and cultivation experts implemented several redundant systems ranging from an externally located 1000 gallon diesel generator to bifurcated Train HVAC systems. Dispensaries can count on us to deliver high-quality products on time.

Lab Tested

In accordance with Nevada Revised Statutes 453A, marijuana flower, marijuana edibles and infused products are required to submit to exhaustive lab-tested determining the concentration of THC and CBD, whether the tested material was grown organic or non-organic, the presence and identification of molds and fungus, and the presence and concentration of fertilizers and other nutrients. The purpose is to assure a higher-quality and safer medicine is provided to legal patients inside Nevada. Silver State Trading will take lab testing to greater extreme in order to assure that Nevada Dispensary Partners and their patients are confident that they know exactly what they distribute and patients ultimately consume.

Top Security

Top Security

Delivering upon Top Security requires several components working together seamlessly. We operate inside a 40,000 sq. ft facility that previously functioned as a Bank of America Cash Transfer facility. In effect, our operations occur within a very large vault constructed of cement, steel, and bullet proof glass. Extending direct observation, HD cameras with motion detection abound inside / outside the facility and at each access point. FOB-enabled access points limit access to certain areas of the building based upon specific job function requirements. Our Inventory Tracking Software monitors all plant movement from seed to packaging to delivery. Even our delivery vehicles themselves are tracked with GPS devices and can be shut-off remotely if a delivery strays from a pre-defined path. Safety of people and product is our number one concern.

Team Bios

John Sutton, Founder, Board Member, CEO

John’s primary responsibility for determining and communicating Silver State Trading’s strategic direction, aligning the entire team behind that vision, and balancing resources that enable the entire team to execute those business imperatives. He is responsible for defining and propagating the culture of our organization, and ensuring that new hires, strategic partners, and customers understand our brand, belief system, and our overarching commitment to quality. Ultimately, John oversees and delivers the organization’s performance in the market, managing all external constituents and stakeholders, and overseeing compliance. John has spent the past two decades as a consultant in market positioning, sales messaging, sales enablement and team alignment. His clients have included Fortune 1000 companies including SAP, Chevron, Google, and Schlumberger.

More recently John has worked with multiple high technology startup companies, including assuming operating roles such as Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Sales and Marketing. John’s oldest son, who suffers from an extremely rare genetic disorder, became one of the first minors to become registered under Nevada Medical Marijuana Program. While not a cure, medical marijuana has dramatically improved the quality of his life without the deleterious side effects associated with his prior opioid reliance. Based on this experience, John has a clear understanding of the potential therapeutic value of marijuana. John and his family also live in Northern Nevada. John attended both the University of Southern Oregon and the University of Oregon, graduating with a B.A. in Political Science with a primary focus on Business Law.

Shane A. Johnson, M.D., Founder, Board Member, Advisor

Shane’s primary function at Silver State Trading is determining and communicating the company’s strategic direction, aligning the entire team behind that vision, and balancing resources that enable the entire team to execute those business imperatives. Shane operates within Silver State Trading as a board member and consultant, helping SST Management to define and propagate the culture of our organization, ensuring that new hires, strategic partners, and customers understand our brand and belief system, and our overarching commitment to quality. Ultimately, Shane provides John with the information needed to effectively oversee and deliver the organization’s performance in the market, manage all external constituents and stakeholders, and oversee compliance.

Shane’s career has focused principally on offering strategic business advisory services to startup companies, predominantly in the healthcare space.Shane has served as a Principal at Hamilton BioVentures (a Life Science venture capital firm), an Engagement Manager at L.E.K. Consulting (an international strategy consulting firm), and held operational roles at a couple of early stage biotechnology companies. Shane is currently on the Board of Directors of several early stage companies and non-profit entities. He is actively engaged in his community in Northern Nevada, and among other things does volunteer search and rescue with his trained search dog. Shane received a B.A. in Studio Art and a B.S. in Neuroscience (with honors) from Brown University and received an M.D. from the Stanford University School of Medicine. He is also a Fulbright Scholar.

Ronald Versteppen, Board Member

Ron is a semi-retired investor of companies within industries as varied as video game software, vaporizers, spec home construction and automobile financing. As one of the largest investors and lenders to Silver State Trading, Ron’s role on the Board is to provide input and feedback on strategic decisions facing the business. The investment in Silver State Trading is of particular interest to Ron, having known several people who have benefited from medical marijuana to manage pain and to address other medical symptoms. Ron is the founder and former CEO of Wombat Financial Software Inc., a company specializing in low-latency software for high-frequency trading solutions. Ron left the company when Wombat was acquired by NYX-Euronext in 2008. Ron received a B.Sc.(Math.)(Hons.) from the University of Adelaide, Australia.

Thomas Driggers, Vice President of Operations


With a primarily responsibility of reducing costs and optimizing efficiencies, Tom‘s oversight extends across the company’s internal workings including the facility, staff, cultivation, production, testing, training, packaging, and distribution. Known for his positive attitude and “get it done” perseverance, Tom utilizes his leadership experiences with Netflix, Amazon and Southwest Airlines to develop and implement solid SOPs and processes in the new industry of medical cannabis. Tom also draws skills from being a graduate of the Northern Nevada Law Enforcement Academy and a veteran of the United States Armed Forces to implement safety procedures and security protocol at Silver State Trading.

Dr. Kenton Crowley, Pharm. D., FAARFM, Director Of Research & Product Development

At SST Dr. Crowley is the Director of Research and Development, overseeing the production of Trokie™ products and future patents. Dr. Crowley is the founder and creator of Trokie™, holding the licensed IP technology. After Dr. Crowley developed and patented these two U.S. patents for the treatment of neuropathic pain and a method and process patent-pending for cannabis buccal delivery, he joined with SST to bring Nevadans the Trokie™ lozenges. A highly trained pharmaceutical executive and consultant, Dr. Crowley has over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and clinical medicine. He obtained his Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of California, San Francisco; completed an ASHP Accredited Residency with Kaiser Permanente. He is an Advanced Fellow and Diplomat of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. An inventor, drug developer, professor, author, clinician and entrepreneur, Dr. Crowley continues to offer cutting-edge approaches to solving the problems faced by established as well as emerging new business models in medicine and the pharmaceutical industry.